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'The Eyecon'

Bert Gilbert has chosen for Dot London to use her third eyes motif as a symbolic or "eyeconic" representation of her work, she's got her eye on you.

Bert Gilbert

BERT GILBERT is an award winning London based multi-disciplinary artist.

The work holds a systematic tension between the readable form of the object itself and the said context of the piece.

Her work holds this space within its creation, it is this personal journey of inward exploration that fuels each piece.

Using trauma as an energy point she builds systematic codes to re-align these tensions and existential events. This level of perverse closeness, maps Gilbert's process of making, through psychoanalytic, spiritual and satirical searching through trauma.

The output being artefacts or objects that are fuelled with a talismanic power and dark humour.

This inward search, borrowing the dialog and methods of shamanistic practices have become the chosen tone, voice and language.

The ritualized and obsessive method of creating is meditative and signifies as a rite of passage from one state to another.

This latest exploration is almost a satire of an event which saw all the destruction through this very process, the whole contents of Gilbert's family home burnt to ash in a recent house fire.

In the tradition of the alchemical process the charred burned stage however painful, is regarded as the most creative it is from the void that life is created.

It is from this that she has started to create a series of ritual based performances with her shamanic identity "The Scapegoat"

Gilbert is "fascinated with the planes that we exist on between our conscious and unconscious actions and alternates between producing installations and objects or packaging these explorations in subverted but palatable branded concepts for today's consumerist driven world." (Bert Industries 2003)

Branded and designed talismans for "modern male and female shamans, for ritual sacrifice and ritual raves" (Art Shaman 2014)